never tell the code


an erotic James Bond parody 




written & directed by Christina Kinne



Harald Geil, Katja Röder,

Verena Buratti, Ileana Cosmovici




stereoscopic 3D, HD/DCP

30 minutes, color, Surround Sound


Virtual Experience production


© 2008 





Just a few days before he is going to marry, secrent agent James has to embark a final assignment:

In order to obtain a mysterious amulet for his employers James has to enter the shady establishment of Lady A.. The secret agent doesn't perceive that he is already expected and that he got the situation all wrong.  Seductive beauties try to incapacitate him by drugs. The hunter becomes the hunted.  In Lady A.'s Club James manages to withstand several challenging tests.
And just when he believes he has finally accomplished his mission James has to face the fact that he has been deluded again...









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