Born 1972 in Munich, Christina Kinne engaged already in her schooldays in Theater, Art and Photography.

After her graduation (Abitur) in 1991 she did internships in different film production companies and worked as set designer until she enrolled in Munich Filmschool.

During her studies Christina Kinne worked as director, first a.d., producer, editor, lector and journalist.

"Miss Lucifer!" is Christina Kinne's thesis movie, at the Moment she is postproducing her first stereoscopic movie "Delusion-3D" as well as preparing her 90-minutes-feature-debut "Online", a SciFi.






"Unauthorized Getaway" (1993)

3/4'' SP, B&W, 10 Minutes

a harmonic death in apocalyptic world


Upland Mainstreet Filmfestival, Rochester Film Festival,

Kansas Fine Arts Video Competition, Shortfilmfestival Verden - 2. Price

Broadcast: WCVB TV / Boston - USA, TV München / Munich


"E=mc²" (1994)

16mm, B&W, 5 Minutes

nuclear fission and nuclear fusion as symbols for individual destiny in the course of human life


Munich Filmfest - Prix-Elida-Fabergé, Film X Festival / Munich,

Festival Riccione TTV / Italy

Broadcast: TV München / Munich


"Acid Marathon 1" (1995)

Beta SP, B&W / Color, 4 Minutes

Boy meets Girl meets Space



"Moving Moving Images" (1997)

Super 8, Color, Loops

Fire, Water, Earth, Air


Vier Elemente - Exhibition / Munich


"Murdermind" (1999)

16mm, Color, 25 Minutes

Mania and Reality in Lust Murder


Filmfestival Max Ophüls Preis, Junge Sterne - Filmfestival der Abendzeitung,

Festival der Nationen / Linz, Paranoia Shortfilmfestival / Düsseldorf

Crimson Screen Filmshow / Stuttgart, Karlsruhe Independent Days

Open-Air-Shortfilmweek / Muffathalle, Film&Comicbörse Munich

Broadcast: AFK-TV / Munich


"Subcutan Shit for Life" (2001)

16mm / Digi-Beta, Color, 30 Minutes

Blood, Beauty and Belief in Tattooing


International Shortfilmfestival Malescorto / Italy

Rrrabit Videopreis / Munich, Film&Comicbörse Munich

Broadcast: AFK-TV / Munich


"Miss Lucifer!" (2007)

35mm, Color, 35 Minutes

devil's daughter falls in love with god's son

- a fantasy-melodrama - 


International Filmfestival Oldenburg, Germany

Shortfilmcorner, Cannes


"Delusion-3D" (2008)

- produced by Virtual Experience -

stereoscopic 3-D / HD / Color / 25 Minutes

never tell the code

- an erotic crime thriller -


Landmark - Germany Land of Ideas

Shortfilmfestival Landshut, Germany

Shortfilmcorner, Cannes


"MyFriends" (2009)

HD, Color, 3 Minutes

two girls and their handling of social networks



"candygirl.tv" (2009)

HD, Color, 3 Minutes

a short tale about love and the internet



"Der Spielemacher" (2010)

("The Gamesmaker")

Digital, Color, 5 Minutes

the ups and downs of a game-designer



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